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Wamakersvlei Farm

A beachfront farm with nature and consciousness in mind. We offer our guests the pleasure of breaking away and experiencing off the grid living. Bright starry nights, magnificent sea views, the smell of fynbos and picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Escaping has never been this green before.

The term refined by nature means taking all the luxuries of technology and perfecting them with nature. Using the moon for evening light and entertainment and using the sun for power and hot water. Going back to basics and back to a time when we didn’t take away from nature.

Wamakersvlei directly translated means “wagonmaker’s marsh”. This location was once a route farmers used to move their crops to the port in St Helena Bay. They needed to use wagons to transport their crops and that was when the name was born. Wamakersvlei is a complete embodiment of conscious living, defined by nature.

We created six properties on this land, all different and named after people who originally lived on the farm - Fisherman, Shepherd, Blacksmith, Coachman, Stone Mason and the Beach Shack.


Fisherman Cottage, about 70 meters from the ocean, can comfortably sleep six people with three bedrooms, one en suite. Experience what life was like for local fisherman, living on the beach and using the natural resources around you.

Contact: Marlene Brand

083 527 7967