Soetcase Coffee & Gift Shop

You almost walk past the dull building one day ... The next day, a clean, bright yellow cheerful coffee restaurant beckons you closer. It is also a symbolic change that Danie, Estelle and Danelle and their reliable staff managed with the Soetcase Coffee Shop. The diverse colors, flavors and tastes on the menu exemplify the diverse preferences and tastes that give special attention to visiting guests. Delicious drinks, cakes, pastries, flowers, gifts, ornaments and other jewels are a draw that will answer every type of question and at the same time introduce the local talent.

Postpone a visit to Soetcase, which is becoming a beacon for gathering in Dwarskersbos, and you stand a chance of missing out on a magic taste or event forever!

Soetcase is open from Mondays - Fridays from 09h00 - 16h00 and Saturdays from 09h00 - 14h00.

Estelle Venter

 Pretkor Center

8A Main Road


Phone 079 112 5790